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The surprising changes in paid love - The world of valentina


The surprising changes in paid love

The escort and the new sex work

A new way of having sex with strange women in exchange for money has come into the 21st century: Escort. Women who remain anonymous to not draw attention, with good presence both outside and inside, to fulfill all the desires and sexual services that man might need.

Gone are women poorly dressed, uncombed, and often with a somewhat distressing scent, now the novelty are the escort professionals. Women capable of pretending to be a high purchasing power, both by its luxuries their garments when they work. And it is that men today prefer to have sex with stunning girls, good communication, and tasteful in every way.


They are increasingly more, since they do not work for second people, only they are owners of their services and choose with that customer want to have sexual intercourse. However, the quality is not anything cheap, if one woman any street that works at any time of the night may charge €30 for a service, an escort may charge you triple perfectly (a cheap escort). In some cases like a Marbella escort it could be highest.

New technologies are the great guilty of sex addicts willing to innovate and find feelings, since current Internet opens the door to the paradise of the escorts, with hundreds of pages of the different companies in this sector, you can find a variety of women, combining the age and the physical. Many work in companies, but others do it on their own.

We must learn to differentiate between a good escort, since spend a good night with a woman, it will depend on the previous election. A new form of prostitution was born recently, and they are beginning to see the first differences in paid love.

If you want to spend a great night of pleasure with a woman, there is no doubt that an escort is the best choice.

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