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About Me

Hello, everyone! Thank you for visiting my profile, I am delighted to have you here. My name is Valentina, and I’m a London escort. I’m 26 years old and I live in London, Bayswater. I usually keep my blonde hair in a loose ponytail during the day and down my back during the night. It’s usually curly at the end of the day. You’d think I’ll have blue eyes to match my blonde hair, but I have brown eyes. It’s light brown, almost mahogany shade.

I’m quite petite, so I’m perfect if you’d want a petite escort to accompany you for dates and night outs. I’m 161 cm tall, with a 34B bust. I am very petite and very soft for your company. Don’t let my size fool you though. I have a myriad of hobbies that include skiing, winter sports, outdoor activities and travelling to exotic locations. When I’m not doing any of those, I take massage lessons on the side. It’s really handy when I need to massage my legs when I cramp after workouts, and it’s also really handy when you need one. I’m very good with my hands.

I learned skiing when I was younger and have been in love with the sport ever since. I love the rush of adrenaline as I slide down the side of the mountain, leaning left and right on the white path. The cold biting wind has nothing compared to that rush. I also skate during my free time. There’s a certain elegance involved in sliding on ice, on thin metal blades, don’t you think so? I think it will be fun to teach you how to skate or ski, if you’d want me to!

Of course, like many people, I want to experience more in life and this includes seeing and travelling to new locations. I’ve travelled to a total of 15 countries around the world and have immersed myself in many cultures. I’ve even started to learn different languages to aid in my travels. I know a bit of Japanese and Chinese, enough to navigate through the country and get closer to the people. As much as possible, I avoid travel tours and tend to travel off the grid for an authentic and less curated experience. One of my favorite experiences would have to be diving with the sea turtles in an island called Apo Island in the Philippines. The clear waters and the elegance of those creatures will forever be in my mind. Everything is peaceful there and very warm. I must say, as much as I adore London, I do love the tropical countries.

My Gallery

I have photos in my gallery of the places I usually visit. They’re recently taken and accurate for your perusal. I am very excited to meet you and bring you to all these places and discover new things with you. Maybe we’d discover new crooks and crannies and holes in the wall that may offer new activities for both of us. I really am excited to spend time with you.

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Services, Pricing

My massage lessons started primarily because of my love of getting them. There’s nothing more satisfying than laying down a warm bed, surrounded by delightful scents and sounds and having somebody knead and press the soreness from your body. I love the essential oils especially! They’re very relaxing and it helps me unwind and doze off. I figured since I love getting them, it would be nice to learn how to get them as well. To give someone that satisfying and relaxing experience is something I love doing. It meant that I helped them unwind and destress from this very stressful life. I even have my own collection of oils and scented candles. But, what I’m looking forward for is the construction of my small massage room in my apartment. That would be a sanctuary.

My apartment is located in Earls Court, near the heart of London. I’ve been in London for my whole life and I truly love our rich history of kings and queens and how it’s still kept alive and breathing at every corner. However, London is not stuck in the past as it grew and adapted to the changes of the world. Our nightlife is nothing to sneeze at, with our live bands and lively pubs that I would love to take you to. It will definitely be unforgettable and a night to relive over and over again. We can go dancing in the streets, with the street musician’s music to aid us or visit the many galleries and museum London has to offer. Given where I live, I offer privacy and discretion as well as accessibility which I highly value, as you do.

As I am a lady, I expect to be treated like one. I expect my client to be well-mannered and with pristine personal hygiene. No bargaining will be tolerated. I respect my client’s time and value and I expect the same in return. All bookings should be made in advance to provide ample time to prepare and any cancellation should be notified in advanced. As for the payments, they have to be done at the start of the fabulous date. Please be aware that as an escort, I am paid only for my company and my time, anything beyond that will be between our agreement.

My services include massages, escort services, dinner dates, social events and weekend dates. Incalls at my apartment goes for 250GBP/hour, while outcalls go for 300GBP/hour. If you prefer my company over the weekends, that would be for 2400/GBP. Your appointment should be made two hours in advanced and an email should be sent containing essential details including time, place for outcall, duration of the meeting and your contact details. This is to avoid misunderstanding and for a smoother date night. I will reply within a few minutes to notify you of my availability. I dearly look forward to meeting you!